IRWIN Art Collective, which is part of the Art-Political Collective NEUE SLOVENISCHE KUNST was formed in Slovenia in 1984


IRWIN NSK State Passport issued to MSU Skopje in 2000

Passport and a fulfilled form with the personal data of the beholder printed on A4 paper

Acquisition: Purchased

Reference: 03973 


The passport of the IRWIN NSK State was issued on the demand of the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje on the ocassion of the performance NSK Guard Skopje NSK – passport ofice in 2000.


Since 1991, the NSK has claimed to be a sovereign state of sorts. As such, displays of its members’ work are performed under the guise of an embassy, or a territory of the supposed state. Since 1994, the NSK has maintained consulates in several cities, including Umag, Croatia. It has also issued passports and postage stamps. NSK passports are considered an art project. As such, they are not valid for travel. 

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