About us: Mission and Vision


The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) – Skopje is a symbol of solidarity which, as a lasting value, remains carved in the collective memory of the Macedonian public.

Founded in 1964 as a result of numerous donations of art works to the city of Skopje coming from artists and institutions from all over the world, the mission of the Museum of Contemporary Art is to nourish and disseminate the values of the modern and contemporary art defining the living culture and society of our times.

The distinctive authority of the MoCA is incorporated in the presentation, comprehension, social engagement and enjoyment in art. In addition to the precious collection, which provides a representative insight into the modern and contemporary art, the Museum will also continue to successfully pursue its mission – discovering and approximating the art values of our time and of the future.



To preserve, protect, study and upgrade the collection of over 5,500 works of art and by exposing them to the judgment of the public to enable the understanding of contemporary art and society;

To organize and present exhibitions, manifestations, talks with artists, discussions with the public, film and video screenings, lectures, publications and other interdisciplinary programs as a result of the wide spectrum of contemporary cultural practices;

To reach equally to the regional and to the diversity of the global artistic aspects that relate to the open questions and perspectives that are posed before art and today’s societies;

To deepen the educational dimension of art and the role of the museum institution in developing awareness of the importance of nurturing and promoting cultural values;

To create a broad platform for critical dialogue that shapes our present.

The MoCA will remain a contemporary museum, which is open and accessible to all art admirers and lovers. Concurrently, it is identifiable as a place for spending time together and talking, for gatherings with or without a special occasion. It will communicate adequately with general public, enticing curiosity in terms of art so as to make museum visits a part of everyone’s everyday life. It will enable everyone to step out of their boundaries and join the global events in the sphere of culture and arts.

The MoCA will continue to be “a city meeting point” – the entrance into the cultural life of the city which takes the visitors to the contemporary artistic events at a national and international level.