Tadeusz Myslowski

1943, Piotrkow, Poland


New York Faces 3 – 18, 1980/1981

Series of 18 photographs, ink-jet print on HP perforated paper, each 40 x 32,5 cm

Acquisition: Gift by the artist

Reference Numbers: 02943 – 02960



Tadeusz Mysłowski is a Polish painter, graphic artist, photographer. He was born in Piotrków near Lublin, where he lived until the 1960s. Then his family moved to Lublin . A graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Lublin and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow . He first showed his work in Paris , at an exhibition at the Lambert gallery . In 1970, he emigrated to New York City. His works are in the collections of MoMA in New York, National Museum in Warsaw. In 2010, Jerzy Jacek Bojarski made a film about Tadeusz Myslowski It Began in Piotrków. Tade talks from a private memory archive. Myslowski Lublin 2010