Janez Bernik

1933, Gunclje, Slovenija – 2016, Prebold, Slovenija


Message, 1964

Acrylic and oil on canvas, 140 x 140 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 00371



Janez Bernik (6 September 1933 – 15 July 2016) was a multiple-time awarded and internationally acclaimed Slovenian painter and academic. Bernik was a versatile artist, who reached excellent results in painting, sculpture, graphic design, illustration, tapestry, book design, and poetry. His graphic prints are kept in numerous worldwide-known galleries and collections.

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1928, Hartford,USA – 2007, New York, USA


Straight lines in four directions and all their possible combinations, 1973

Etching on paper, full set of 15, 26.7 x 26.7 cm each

Edition of 25 copies with 10 AP, Publisher: Parasol Press, Ltd., New York, Printer: Crown Point Press, Oakland; inscription on the back of the print: Lewit S

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: from 03154 to 03169 (03157)



Solomon “Sol” LeWitt was an American artist linked to various movements, including conceptual art and minimalism. LeWitt came to fame in the late 1960s with his wall drawings and “structures” (a term he preferred instead of “sculptures”) but was prolific in a wide range of media including drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, installation, and artist’s books. He has been the subject of hundreds of solo exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world since 1965. The first biography of the artist, Sol LeWitt: A Life of Ideas, by Lary Bloom, was published by Wesleyan University Press in the spring of 2019

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Roma Jam Session Art Collective (Mustafa Asan, Mo Diener, Milena Petrovič), Switzerland  


Open Roma Culture, 2021

Set of four digital print on paper, 70 x 99 cm. each

Acquisition: Gift 

Reference: 05274

1927, New York, USA


Portrait of a Poet, Kenneth Koch, 1970

Lithograph on paper, 760 х 560 mm

Edition: 170 / 200; inscription: b.l. Alex Katz; b.r. 170/200

Acquisition: Donation

Reference: 02872



Alex Katz (born July 24, 1927) is an American figurative artist known for his paintings, sculptures, and prints.

Katz’s paintings are divided almost equally into the genres of portraiture and landscape. Since the 1960s he has painted views of New York (especially his immediate surroundings in Soho) and landscapes of Maine, where he spends several months every year, as well as portraits of family members, artists, writers and New York society protagonists. His paintings are defined by their flatness of colour and form, their economy of line, and their cool but seductive emotional detachment. A key source of inspiration is the woodcuts produced by Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro.

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1909, Stockholm, Sweden – 1987, Grasse, France


Mountain Wall – Print No. 4, 1963

Lithograph on paper, 76 х 57 cm

Edition: a.p.; inscription b.l. epr.d’artiste; b.r. A.E.Bergman; on the back: lithographie No.4 “Mur de montagne”

Acquisition: Donation by the artist

Reference no.: 00561



Anna-Eva Bergman (29 May 1909 – 24 July 1987) was a Norwegian abstract expressionist artist. She was a modernist artist and part of the School of Paris. Her abstract paintings were often inspired by nature and based on abstracted motifs.

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1936, Madrid, Spain


A Couple, 1965

oil on masonite board, 80 x 100 cm

Acquisition: Donated by the artist

Reference: 01357

1911, Nogent-sur-Marne, France – 1967, Toulon, France


Print No. 1, 1956

Lithography on paper, 59,5 x 43cm

Edition: 3/30; inscribed: b.l. 3/30; b.r. J. Deyrolle

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 00528



Jean Jacques Deyrolle is one of the representatives of the European geometric abstract art after the II World War. Mostly known by his graphic art and exclusive illustration for renowned writers publications (for ex. Sejour from Samuel Beckett). Deyrolle was professor at the Fine Art Academy in Munich and in the period of 50s-60s his artworks were part of most important exhibitions, like Documenta 2 in Kassel etc.

Born in Kavadarci | 1941

We present artworks signed by Simon Shemov and included in the collection of MoCA, silkscreen on paper, oil on canvas, handmade paper:
Ciu-Ciu Dance, 1977 | Cosmic Magic, 1987 | Ohrid Angel 8, 1990 | Oovo Buzz 2, 1967 | Vineyard Spray, 1968 | Oovo Smoker 1, 1968 | Oovo Smoker 2, 1968/1969 | Snottily Child, 1971 | Game with Egg and Spoon, 1972 |

Born in Skopje, Macedonia | 1928

We present Petar’s artworks from the series of works signed by Hadzi Boškov and included in the collection of MoCA, metal, lithography, polyester installation, sculpture, terracota:
Sculpture 3/4 , 1964 | Print No. 10, 1979 | Sculpture, 1980 | Street, 2004 | Dialogue, 1978 | Form, 1959 | Head 2, 1962/1963 | Sculpture 12 (from the series Skopje After the Earthquake), 1965 | Head 1, 1962 | Head 3, 1962 | Wing Sculpture, 1967 | Circle Sculpture, 1970 | Sculpture – Study 6, 1971 | Terracottas, 1974 | Associated Forms 2, 1986

Born in Prilep | 1930 – 1997

Macedonian Village, 1957

Figures in Interior, 1955

Interior, 1956

Morbid Forms, 1959

Primary Forms, 1961

Pergamena, 1962 |

Morbid Forms, 1963

Migrations, 1964