Events Public Lecture: Nemanja Cvijanović

Public Lecture: Nemanja Cvijanović

13/05/ 2022

The presentation “Antifascism as the Self-Defensive Monument” will evolve around Nemanja Cvijanović’s action “The Monument to Red Rijeka – The Self-Defensive Monument”, which was realized in 2020 in Rijeka, Croatia and could be understood as a sharp-minded and reflective gesture of agency that undermines the current rise of nationalist violence. This particular action presents a very precise point where the fascist and anti-fascist legacies confront one another and define Cvijanović’s gesture as a relationality between society, politics, and art. The conversation will be complemented by the announcement of the monograph “Antifascism as The Self-Defensive Monument”.


Nemanja Cvijanović was born in Rijeka, Croatia (1972). He lives and works in Rijeka. He has Graduated in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice (1998), and received an MA in Projecting and Production of Visual Art at the University I.U.A.V in Venice (2010). He has collaborated with international institutions, exhibiting his works at the Pera Museum in Istanbul (2017), MAXXI and MACRO in Rome (2014), MSU in Zagreb (2011) and the MMSU in Rijeka (2008). His recent solo exhibitions include: Furini Arte Contemporana in Rome / Arezzo (2012 / 2015); Delire Gallery in Brussels (2013); ŠKUC Gallery in Ljubljana (2011). He has participated numerous group exhibitions including: Transactions at the Centro Cultural de España en Ciudad de Guatemala in Guatemala (2012); IL BELPAESE DELL’ARTE at the GAMeC Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo (2011); Volume Collection at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice (2010) and Sillabario at the Nomas Foundation in Rome (2012). He participated Manifesta 9 in Genk (2012), the Bruges Central Festival in Bruges (2010) and the XIV International Sculpture Biennale of Carrara (2010). He is a co-founder of Self-managed interest community and artisti c director at SIZ Gallery (2009). From 2014 he is a professor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, and from 2018. Program coordinator at Rijeka 2020 ECC.


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