Events Retrospective Presentation: ^ПАТЕМByTheWay 2013 – 2023

Retrospective Presentation: ^ПАТЕМByTheWay 2013 – 2023

Wednesday 27. December, 2023 at 20,00 CET

^ПАТЕМByTheWay – Limited Liability Company:

Vesna Dunimagloska, Gjorgji Krsteski and Stanko Pavleski.


WWW.PatemByTheWay.Mk 2013 2023


The development project interest of ByTheWay is posed in a problem of reconciling contradictions with the juxtapositions:

Nature – Society | Life – Art | Space-Time | Surface – Depth | Art – Paradox | Self – Trinity | Company – Community


The ten-year retrospective presentation of ^ПАТЕМByTheWay at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje is envisioned in two parts.

The first, one-night, a shortened realistic spatial setting reduced to a premiere exhibition of the monograph book  WWW.PatemByTheWay.Mk 2013 2023, which, as an artistic concept, only presents the text Time-script by the art critic and theorist Dr. Natalie Rajchinovska-Pavleska. The author’s methodological approach in the analysis and interpretation of the engagements and production of the Company, as well as the volume of this paper, was perceived by the authors as an exceptional engagement and content that grows into an equal substitute for their art, marking the text as a work. Therefore the book, consequently to such a concept –  emptied of any pictorial data, became a book-artwork. At the same time, its promotion which will take place at the opening of the event, transposes the event into a character of an authorial work. The book will be promoted by the artist and philosopher Dr. Thihomir Topuzovski.

The words and speech about its contextualization as a meta speech about art as a meta occasion is an opportunity for the speech to extend into socializing, which in the ByTheWay spirit, we hope will enhance the event.

In the second part of the retrospective in the following six days, the collective and individual works of the project holders and colleagues from the BytheWay community, as well as publications and other materials of the Company will be presented on the website of the company  that is being promoted with the publication,



19 – 27 December – Promotion of the website , a work in process that will become active from the following days: 

December 28 – Events and exhibitions, publications, etc.

December 29 – Collective Works 1

December 30 – Collective Works 2

December 31 – Collective Works 3

January 1 – Individual works of the artists of the ByTheWay Company

January 2 – Individual works of artists of the ByTheWay Community


The authors of the project locate the focus of their artistic interest primarily in a participatory engagement with a variable group of authors from different artistic fields, affinity and expressiveness, nurturing, a ByTheWay artistic community. 

They find room for expressing their manifest projectivity in living together, most often camping in, and with nature, socializing with colleagues, having conversations and sharing experiences, in a zone of adapting to the challenges and risks of “surviving” and creating in the specifics of such an accommodation, against the usual comforts of urban life, as projectivity in itself. They also position themselves towards certain aspects of dissatisfaction and deviation, to the point of revolt, problematizing the situations of social and political circumstances, the artistic system and the like, contextualizing the cracks in their nature-society proposal.


ByTheWay is a transformative concept of living art – it builds and degrades, which over time, from the search for an ideal place for events and life as art in a community and exploratory contact with the nature and nature of creation, creates an extensive video production of the ByTheWay life; it also occupies the creative aspects of the performative reading of its art transferred in a text and a book, in interaction with the audience, in the artistic that comfortably survives when replacing the pictoriality of the visual with the vocality of speaking as a reflection. ByTheWay is a retro creation that goes back to the places of the memory of their past artistic being, again traveling through the same thing that will always be different, as well as over the contents in its own ByTheWay archive; temporarily creating passivity transforms into a cross between two contemplative creative states – resting vertically and climbing horizontally; to reposition causally and conceptually towards the virtualization of one’s action, consciously stepping into a kind of antithesis of its supporting artistic concept, on behalf of the creative potential of the twist, accommodating in front of the constellation of the monitor in exchange for the stars within reach; several months of online communication among the artists will capture a transcript of audio work as well…, as well as similar concepts and practices thereto.

The twists seem to be inconsistent with the previous ByTheWay projectivity, but only seemingly, as the need to step into the causal opposite is only a different specific image of the same reality.

The project production includes collective, tandem and individual works, video, photo and audio recordings, artistic actions, in situ works, performances, spatial interventions, objects, conceptual solutions of diverse character and presentability, textuality, a posteriori works or fiction works on documenting of events, as well as previous works of coinciding nature of projectivity of events, to reconstructions, reminiscences and the like.

ByTheWay is a constant with an emphasized intensity of engagement, mostly in the country and the surroundings, as well as in a broader context, which can be seen from the video archive, the three book editions, including the current one, the several catalogs, the two extensive events’ transcripts, the rich exhibition, the online presentation, as well as through the metaphors of the established ByTheWay library, created through project contacts with colleagues with similar artistic convictions, making ByTheWay a respectable community.

We would like to invite you to an exhibition of a wonderfully empty full-image. 



MoCA Skopje Summertime Cinema - 20 days in Mariupol

Thursday, 27/06/2024, 21:00

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