All the Love

15/12/2020 - 21/03/2021


“One of the goals of MoCA Skopje is to actively collaborate and exhibit artists who today can be seen in all important art centers around the world and who are leaders in the contemporary art scene on questions that open engaging issues. The subject we focused on is especially important because it is related to today’s conditions of uncertainty and at the same time seeks ways through different artistic media to introduce us to the experience of what is different, i.e. directs us to the idea that the world can be experienced from the angle of diversity, from the perspective of the other. The discourse on love, starting with the avant-garde and radical politics of the last century, is at the center of political and social change driven by women’s rights, the rights of the LGBT community, and the various ways in which civil society struggles. Hence, the exhibition focuses on works that manifest its ability to break through the strongest opposition and radical divisions, says the curatorial team.

Starting from the notion that capitalism inevitably seeks focuses on self (identity), the exhibition raises the questions of the possibilities of the world as created and lived from the perspective of differences and not identity. On the other side, while love is determined through duality, politics is manifested through the collective. Following the definition in which politics is collective, the only way to make a significant connection between politics and love is to think about how the common order will rethink love and allow it to be created in new ways that are disabled by capitalism.

Hence, the exhibition raises questions about the possible feasible and positive alternatives for acting from the domain of common, on the ground between political and private with new types of organizations, structures and community.


Works by Keti Chukhrov (Russia), Heather – Dewey Hagborg (USA), Coco Fusco (Cuba), Carlos Motta (Colombia), Shirin Neshat (Iran), Agnieszka Polska (Poland), Rena Radle and Vladan Jeremic (Serbia), Nora Turato (Croatia) and by the Macedonian artists Velimir Zernovski and Nikola Uzunovski will be featured.

The curators of the exhibition are Mira Gakjina and Jovanka Popova.

Design: Iliana Petrushevska


Special thanks to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, Eurolink Insurance. Special thanks to Museum of the Macedonian Struggle.


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