Connections in the Collections: Italian and Macedonian Parallels

27/09/ 2018 - 25/02/ 2019

The exhibition “Connections in the Collections – Italian and Macedonian Parallels” tries to show possible visual connections between the works of Italian and Macedonian artists represented in the collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje. These works carry different social, economic, cultural features and a historical mark from the time they were created, but one of the universal features of modernism is the equal enthusiasm by which artists from both countries act in breaking the connections with the previous artistic propositions and joining the panorama of stylistic currents in art.

The exhibition presents works from two of the richest collections in the Museum of Contemporary Art including Italian artists Alberto Burri, Enrico Baj, CorradoCagli, Renato Guttuso, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Ettore Cola, Nicola Carrino, Luca Patella, Vittore Baroni, Franco Fontana and others, while some of their counterparts in the exhibition are Macedonian artists PetarMazev, Dushan Perchinkov, Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Simon Shemov, TanasLulovski,  OrdanPetlevski, Kiril Gegoski, Irena Paskali, Boris Shemov and others.

This trans-historically conceived exhibition, based on an individual curatorial choice, makes certain step forward from Modernism, following the later art works from the collection, according to visual analogies and their contextualization. In them, the works sometimes resonate in a self-explanatory manner, and the connection between them is fast and open, but for some of them more subtle reading of the thematic or stylistic connection is needed.

Curator: BojanaJaneva-Shemova


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