Linear Drawing

16/12/ 2017 - 20/02/ 2018

Extension of the horizon line:

The thrill and excitement of linear drawing

This for us sophisticated “theme” is relieved of deeper theoretical elaboration and has a reduced intensity of spectacularity. This is due to the paraphrased “exact” definition: the depicted object should be reduced to the performance with only the line, i.e. the contour, while shading is avoided, and more precisely, in painting, linearity is the way of expression in which the dominance of the line is emphasized, on the contour and of the plane as a marked surface.

The mentioned “regularities” contained in the partially interpreted definition bring us closer to the finality of a conceptual drawing that synthetically and precisely appears in itself as a rounded work. Now, despite the use of diverse material, which opens up possibilities for countless combinations, it mainly devotes itself to assumed artistic realizations based on quick, spontaneous notes, characteristic of the so-called. sketches or drawings. This use of minimal means of simplified moves initiates the crucial moment – the essential. From there comes the idea around the linear drawing in which it can be accepted as a sign or as an extension of the signification of the figurative or abstract representation, the illustrative or the narrative. In this context, the concept of the exhibition was gradually formed, for the reasons of not increasing the volume of the presented works, but also with the intention of ensuring the functionality of the unified coverage of the visual discourse of the modern and postmodern. Therefore, we continue to pay attention to the problematic lures of artistic expression, what with expanded views related to media, but also to phenomena as subspecies (for example, letterism or linearity in music, etc.).

Works with a multimedia character (1948-2017) by 56 Macedonian visual artists are exhibited.


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