News New donations of artworks

New donations of artworks

The prestigious ArtForum Culture Foundation enriched MoCA Skopje’s collection with two works by the Jana Dettmer and Monika von Eschenbach. Both artists produced their works within the joint project in the European ArtForum Culture Foundation and the Winter Foundation from Hamburg, as a part of their dedication to gender equality. 

Monika von Eschenbach is an innovative photographer who creates a new dimension in sculptural photography, situating her practice in the domain of conceptual photography and sculpture. 

Jana Dettmer is a renowned lawyer, who shows the same dedication in her artistic work, reinterpreting abstract painting, with a specific focus on experimenting with the processes of perception. 

Driven by feelings of collaboration and solidarity, in the spirit of which our collection has been founded, we are proud and happy to share this cultural action with you.