News Promotion of the AKTO SPEAKING Publication

Promotion of the AKTO SPEAKING Publication


The library of MSU-Skopje has been enriched with another important domestic title, which is the publication entitled “ACTO SPEAKS!” 2006-2020″ / AKTO SPEAKING! 2006-2020, in Macedonian and English, dedicated to the AKTO festival, which affirms independent culture.

The promotion was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art on October 29, 2022, and the promoters were Elizabeta Sheleva, Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski and Vladimir Janchevski.

The publication “ACTO SPEAKS!” 2006-2020″ published by the Faculty of Non-Learning – FRU, by the editors Filip Jovanovski and Ivana Vaseva, is conceived as a kind of archive in the form of a book. Despite its volume, at 700 pages and vast visual material, it does not claim to be the definitive archive or comprehensive view of AKTO. This publication is a visual, personal, and political essay about what AKTO is, as well as the conditions in which AKTO was created, as a document that should constantly remind us of the importance of archiving.