Publications The Large Glass Journal Vol. 27/28, 2019

The Large Glass Journal Vol. 27/28, 2019

The new issue of The Large Glass No.27/28 is composed as a kind of collection of works of authors that range across a spectrum moving from humanist approaches to posthumanism (or anti-anthropocentrism), including a range of thematic discussions, artistic projects, and essays discussing, contextualizing and criticizing various issues that bring together scholars of cultural studies, art history, politics, geography, philosophy, and related disciplines together with artists, allowing for a broad range of insights into the topic both historically and in the contemporary context. The volume comprises three key sections linked directly or tangentially consisting of a compilation of approaches and synthesis of visual materials regarding posthuman corporeality, anxieties about the landscape and thematic ideas about the radical Political horizon.

These points are echoed in the work of many authors in their posthuman orientation, and this issue provides a preliminary framework for this combination of contributions to posthumanities and primarily explores their cultural and artistic implications. It shows that posthumanist debates are interrelated and thus require much more assembling, and in that sense, issue 27/28 of the Large Glass is an inherently interdisciplinary venture, which is why the volume of essays and artistic works includes contributions from a range of disciplines.

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Theme: Exhibitions on the Art on the Balkans
André Rouillé: Becomings (Devenirs), with the World: An Art Without Presence
Irina Subotic: The Balkans: A Cultural Region of Contemporary Art
Peter Weibel, Eda Cufer, Roger Conover: In Searc of Balkania
Harald Szeeman: About the Exhibition Blood and Honey
Popy Diamantakou: The Balkan Wars/Balkans: Virtual Space for Dialogue
Luchezar Boyadjiev: No More Exchange! Art Please!

Genia Chef: The Beauty as Unfinished Project
Massimiliano Cioni: We Are Learning and Moving Together

40 Years of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
Boris Petkovski: The Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
Georgi Stardelov: Two important Publications
40 Years of MoCA Skopje, A Photo-Essay

Lazo Plavevski: Haystacks, Percinkov
Marika Bocvarova: Blagoja Manevski’s Logical Paintings
Konca Pirkovska: Tha Alchemy of the Nomad (Simon Semov)

50th Venice Biennial: Zaneta Vangeli and Vana Urosevic

New Books
Lazo Plavevski: Roots and Rhisomes
Mira Gacina: ABC of the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
Marika Bocvarova: On the Conceptual Discourse in Macedonia

The Misfits; Young Artists Dossier; Igor Tosevski: Transfers, Signs; Transformations 2; Oliver Musovik: Neighbours 2;Dragutin Avramovski Gute, A Retrospective; Slavica Janeslieva: The Cry; Other Visions: The Today Show; Tome Adzievski and Stanko Pavleski: Kino Napredok; Borislav Traikovski/Ivan Velkov; Nikola Martinoski; Jovan Sumkovski: R=1:2/R=1:200

The Large Glass Gift: Oliver Musovik: Flags, 2004

Големото стакло_The Large Glass, 16/18, 20032004 (Free Download PDF)