News Tihomir Topuzovski appointed for acting director of MoCA Skopje

Tihomir Topuzovski appointed for acting director of MoCA Skopje

Tihomir Topuzovski is the new director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje. Following the recent resignation of Mira Gakjina, Topuzovski takes the position of acting director from his previous work at the museum as an editor of the Interdisciplinary and Discursive Programs and editor-in-chief of the Large Glass Journal.             

Tihomir Topuzovski received his doctoral degree from the University of Birmingham in the UK. He also has two BAs in Philosophy and Art, and an MA in Art, and has received numerous academic achievement awards and research grants. He was also a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies at the Södertörn University in Stockholm. His research is at the intersection of philosophy, politics, environmental sciences, and the visual arts. He has published a number of papers and participated in individual and group exhibitions. His latest work includes а monograph ‘Postanarchism and Critical Art Practices’ (forthcoming – Bloomsbury Academic), an edited book: with Saul Newman The Posthuman Pandemic (2021), published by Bloomsbury Academic. His other recent works are Aesthetics Technique and Spatial Occupation in Hybrid Political Regimes, Baltic Worlds, Vol. XIV:3, pp 57-63 (2021), and a contribution of chapter to an edited book: Topuzovski T. & Andreas L. (2020) Political protest, temporary urbanism and the deactivation of urban spaces, in Transforming Cities Through Temporary Urbanism – A Comparative Overview, ed. ANDRES, L & ZHANG, Y, Springer. He has organized and contributed to various artistic projects and presentations within the MoCA Skopje programs including ‘Dis/Ordering the Art World’ and ‘Landscape of Anxiety’. Topuzovski is editor-in-chief of The Large Glass Journal for Contemporary Art, Culture, and Theory, published annually by the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje.