News ŽIVA Award to MoCA SKOPJE


MSU- Skopje received the prestigious “Special Recognition for Creativity”, as a candidate from the Republic of North Macedonia, which is awarded by the International Foundation “Forum of Slavic Cultures” based in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia.

A record number of museums applied for the “ŽIVA” award this year, as many as 34 from 10 Slavic countries.

In its explanation for the award, the jury commission emphasized:
“In recent years this is the leading museum and the first in the area dedicated to modern and contemporary art. It has become an influential institution, fostering creativity and collaboration in intercultural dialogue both at home and abroad.” The new impetus that the Museum gives to the wide dissemination of art collections and to the importance of contemporary artistic expression, demonstrates progress and a competitive spirit. The Museum grew on the foundations of solidarity, marked by regional and international donations of important works of art that prompted the beginnings of the Museum’s establishment in the sixties. MSU Skopje managed to create a cultural platform for artistic contemporary production – national and international, promotion and research of the present and identities that serve to mark changes in time.

The Živa Prize is awarded for the promotion of protection, preservation, education and information about museum collections and natural and cultural monuments, their diversity, content and social role, emphasizing their creative and progressive approaches, openness and accessibility to the public, their impact on society and their contribution to the development of museological principles and ideas.
The awards ceremony, which took place for the eighth time, from November 16 to 19, 2022, was organized by the “Forum of Slavic Cultures”, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Posavia Museum from Brežice.

The Foundation “Forum of Slavic Cultures” is an international organization founded in 2004 on the initiative of the Republic of Slovenia. The goals of the organization are bringing together and stimulating cultural cooperation between the Slavic countries, as well as joint affirmation of their culture in the world. The Republic of North Macedonia, as one of the founding countries of the Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK), through the Ministry of Culture, has been actively involved from the very beginning in almost all the initiatives and activities of this eminent organization whose goal is to preserve the cultural traditions of the Slavic peoples and their promotion as permanent and universal values ​​in global frameworks.

On behalf of MSU, the recognition was received by the country’s national representative in the “Forum of Slavic Cultures”, Gordan Nikolov.