Publications The Large Glass Journal vol. 31/32 2021

vol. 31/32 2021

This volume of the ‘Large Glass’ compares various contributions on ‘The new reality’, a reality, which has been shaped by events throughout 2020 and 2021. Starting from the early period of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, closed borders coupled with forms of social antagonism, struggles, discrimination and exclusion of people from economic activity and political participation, as well as the ongoing climate emergency and ecological destruction. This challenging context not only creates a political emergency, but also an artistic state of emergency.

Contributors to this volume

John Paul Ricco, Paula Serafini, Jonas Staal and Florian Malzacher, Shiraz Grinbaum and Oren Ziv, Fares Chalabi, Alfredo Cramerotti, Igor Štromajer, Boris Groys, Mira Gakjina, Nemanja Cvijanović, Vladimir Janchevski, Catherine Nichols, Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen, Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, Valentino Dimtrovski, Zoran Petrovski, Liljana Nedelkovska.

Editor of the Large Glass: Tihomir Topuzovski

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