Publications The Large Glass Magazine 11/2000

The Large Glass Magazine 11/2000


Theme: What Was the Art of 20th Century?

Sonia Abadjieva: Farewell to Utopia?

Emil Aleksiev: Where are we going?

Geneva Anderson: Artwork – A Real Life Sensory Experience

Lutz Becker: The Industrial War

Neboisa Vilik: Joseph Kosuth – ‘untitled statement’

Jesa Denegri: Individual Action

Valentino Dimitrovski: Phenomenon of 20th Century Art

Harald Szeemann: The Revolution of the Individual

Bojan Ivanov: The Missing Work of Art

Christo / Jean Claude: Urge to Create

Beral Madra: What was the Art of 20th Century? Imperialism?

Thomas McEvilley: The Second Book on Infinity

Matko Mestrovic: Self-Awareness

Catherine Millet: Alain Jacquet – Watering Pot 1972-75

Liljana Nedelkovska: “In fact, it is always the others who die”

John Peter Nilsson: From Reality to Fiction and Back Again

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Extremes Touch. Interview with Gustav Metzger

Boris Petkovski: A Part of Europe – Macedonian Art of the 20th Century

Antje von Gravenitz: “The Large Glass” and the “Gradiva” Door Through Glass – Duchamp`s Heritage Between Doubt and Deliverance

Itaru Hirano: The Transition


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