Publications The Large Glass Magazine 12/13 2000/2001

The Large Glass Magazine 12/13 2000/2001

Theme: Happy New 2000

Nebojsha Vilikj: GETTIN-OUT! Artist vs Social Reality
Marik Bochvarov Plavevska: The Joyful Side of Everyday Life in the 1990’s
Valentino Dimitrovski: Everyday Odds and Ends
Sonia Abadzieva: Woman&Machine
Lazo Plaveveski: Fatigue

Artist Pages
Antoni Maznevski: Drawings

Lutz Becker: Eisenstein in Mexico

Translated Essay: Victor Burgin, Fragments to and from Venise

Sonia Abadzieva: Nikola Eftimov – Fashion Body Art

Perre Restany: Effects of Globalization (Tome Adzievski)
“The Big Circus’ Fanny Products” of Tome Adzievski at OPEN 2000, Lido

Iskra Dimitrova, ContACT Binary
Ismet Ramicevic, Pole
Vesna Dunimaglovska; Irena Paskali

New Books:
1. 359’ BOOKS
2. Vilikj, Few Candies for Venice
3. Sonia Abadzieva: Deep Breath, Transformations

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