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In support of authentic design and start-up companies, the MSU Shop shop offers a special edition of products of “Ludus”, a Macedonian fashion brand for genderless ecologically sustainable fashion. The collection consists of monochrome t-shirts with elongated proportions, in black and white, made from zero-waste cotton, in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion production. The products can also be worn as dresses that reflect the genderless vision of designer Dragan Hristov.

“Ludus” is a Macedonian fashion label founded in 2010, one of the few that makes a breakthrough in the international market. Winner of the BIG SEE Fashion Award in Ljubljana in 2018, the NJAL+ Award at the Assembly Festival in Graz, Austria in 2019, and the WOW SHOW Award at the Ljubljana Fashion Week in 2020. Ludus collections are represented in concept stores in Europe and curated webshops for independent designers in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Slovenia.


White asymmetrical shirt with short sleeves:

Price 4.248.00 MKD

White asymmetrical shirt with long sleeves:

Price 4.602.00 MKD