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Prototyping Tenderness: A Personal Log of a Dying World is a research project by the young trans-disciplinary designer Klelija Zhivkovikj. Like in her ongoing practice, the project deals with design and designer’s roles in the present world based on the accumulation of products and their disposal, focusing on the opportunities for the future development of that role. In response to today’s anthropocentric and consumeristic world, she offers the concepts of care and tenderness. Man (humanity) is entangled with the entire living and non-living world; that space of touch and contact is what she calls tenderness. She suggests making the social and bodily boundaries tender and getting out of the anthropocentrism that brings this world to ruin. Klelija sets a post-apocalyptic scenery in this project: today’s world is already dying. What will it take for us to reach the world that resurges?

Publisher: Private Print, Skopje

Year: 2021
Dimensions: 15,8х10 cm
Pages: 112
Language: English


Price: 60.00 MKD