Georg Baselitz

1938, Deutschbaselitz, Germany


Eagle, 1980

etching on paper, 78,3 x 55,7 cm

Edition: a.p., inscription b.l. Probe druck, Adler; b.r. G. Baselitz 80

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 03635



Georg Baselitz (born 23 January 1938) is a German painter, sculptor and graphic artist. In the 1960s he became well known for his figurative, expressive paintings. In 1969 he began painting his subjects upside down in an effort to overcome the representational, content-driven character of his earlier work and stress the artifice of painting. Drawing from myriad influences, including art of Soviet era illustration art, the Mannerist period and African sculptures, he developed his own, distinct artistic language.

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