Orsolya Drozdik

1946, Abda, Hungary


Individual Mythologic III, 1978

Photography, offset print on paper, 58,9 x 41,4 cm

Edition: 3/30, inscription b.l. Individual Mithologic III 30/3, b.r. Drozdik Orsolya 1978

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 03115 



Orshi Drozdik (born 1946 in Hungary) is a feminist visual artist based in New York City. Her work consists of drawings, paintings, photographs, etchings, performances, videos, sculptures, installations, academic writings and fiction, that explore connected themes, sometimes over an extended period. Through her work, organized into several topics, she explores themes that undermine the traditional and erotic representation of women: Individual Mythologies, Adventure in Tecnos Dystopium, and Manufacturing the Self.

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